Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Really, we're already planning this

Dirt Turkey 2012 is on the books. Many of us have already booked accommodations, but if you haven't have no fear, there are still lots of places to sleep in Moab. Wanna camp? No problem, follow this LINK. Interested in a little more private setting? Lots of hotels. And if you want to get in on the communal living action, gather your friends and book something already! Seriously, time's a wasting.


  1. The wheels started rolling on this in May and gathered huge momentum rapidly. Normally we start planning for it in July and it gains any momentum in early October. This much thought about November before July... So everyone's having an awesome 2012, eh?

  2. Yeah! If you want to book "Noah's Ark" type accommodations, check out Lots of properties available around Thanksgiving time. You will likely pay a premium but it's worth it, I promise. DT '012!