Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You missed it

That's it folks, another Dirt Turkey in the bank. Everyone survived, except the Turkey, and we only made two visits to the Moab E.R. Thanks to Kathryn, Myla, Dave, Josh, JV, Jen, Tony, Zack, Wheelie and Lucy for such a great weekend. We rode new trails. Ate great food. Put back countless bottles of beer and whiskey. Stuffed 8 people in a hot tub not much bigger than a large mixing bowl. Jen got 73 stitches. Dave proved that you could ride in the morning, visit the hospital at lunch, and still get out and shred in the afternoon. The doctor told him to take it easy so he hit a trail called Dead Man's Ridge.

Lots of folks took photos, JV was the first to post his here. I stole the one above from him. You should look at them, it'll make you smile if you were there and regret not going if you weren't. And speaking of not being there, if you didn't make it this year fear not - Dirt Turkey will return in about 51 weeks. So mark your calendar, and start practicing breaking it to your mom that you've got better plans for Thanksgiving 2012. No excuse is an acceptable reason for missing this much fun.

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